Selection Interview is the third stage of the Admission Process at Rome Business School

The Admissions team interviews all candidates who have successfully completed the Second stage, that is the application evaluation process, of the Admission Process. Selection interviews are held either at the Rome Business School campus in Rome or via Skype/phone.

The selection interview enables us to get to know you better as a prospective student and assess certain qualities that are not immediately apparent from the documentation you have provided in the first stage, such as your motivation, personality, the ability to defend your point of view, the way you express yourself, and other communication skills.

No offers are made without an interview. All applicants, including those who live outside of Italy, must therefore be prepared to attend an interview through Skype/phone as mentioned.


It is essential for all candidates to be best prepared for their Selection Interview.

Candidates are informed of the outcome within 2 working-days after the interview has been conducted. The Office of Admission will send the outcome to candidate’s email address. Candidates should check their email regularly and should ensure that emails from are not diverted to the junk folder.


Interview Booking

Applicants who have successfully completed the application evaluation process, will be invited to book and participate in the selection interview. A link to book your interview session will be provided to you. A reminder will be sent to their email address one hour and also a day prior the interview session.

Remember that all candidates are in complete control over the booking and changing details (date and time) of their selection interview session. Once the interview is booked, candidates can also reschedule or cancel the interview session, through the confirmation link.


Preparing for the Interview

  • Be YOU! Reflect on your personality, interests, skills, qualifications and goals;
  • Do your research on the Rome Business School and make sure you know the masters programme well, so that you can better respond to questions asked of you in the interview and so that you can clarify anything that you do not understand;
  • Practice a variety of questions prior to the interview either on your own or with a friend. You can see some sample questions below of this page;
  • Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer, this shows enthusiasm and gives you chance to get answers you haven’t found yet;
  • For Skype interviews, make sure you are using a headset with a microphone and you are in a noise free area;
  • Provide correct and updated contact information
  • One of the Officers from the Office of Admissions will attempt to contact you on Skype. In case we encounter difficulties, we will give you a call on the mobile phone number provided in the booking details.


During the Interview

  • Take a deep breath to focus and provide clear, concise and effective answers; 
  • Make sure to demonstrate that you understand the demands of the course;
  • Answer questions specifically and don’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’;
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat a question or ask if you can come back to a question if you need additional time to prepare your answer; and 
  • If you are asked about your weaknesses, turn them into a potential strength or explain how you have learned to compensate for the weakness.


Main Areas of Discussion

Review and practise your responses to possible questions that interviewers may ask. It is imperative that you are able to communicate your knowledge clearly and concisely so keep your answers brief, unless asked to provide more details.

Here are some of the key topics that will be discussed during the interview:

  • Your backgrounds (educational and professional)
  • The motivations behind your application
  • The interest you have for the masters programme you applied for
  • Your greatest strengths and/or weaknesses
  • The values you expect to receive from and give to the Rome Business School, if given the opportunity
  • Your future goals (career-wise)
  • The achievements that you are most proud of


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